For Good Sportsmanship and Growth of Our Activity

KIDA is pleased to offer an annual “Sportsmanship Award” at the end of each competitive season. This award is voted on by the unit members of KIDA themselves and is presented at the final awards ceremony at Championships. The award began in 1988 to not only recognize the good sportsmanship of unit members, but also to acknowledge those persons who have given of themselves to the growth KIDA and the indoor activity.

With these values in mind, KIDA has decided to put a “name” to this award in 2009. It didn’t take us long to find one person who exemplified sportsmanship and is synonymous with the true meaning of sportsmanship. Chuck Saia is that person. If you have been around KIDA for any length of time you knew Chuck, or saw his friendly face, walking the sidelines of the gym and keeping his eye on that “front line” boundary.

Chuck was involved with the music and marching activity since his own high school days in Johnstown PA. When he moved to the Harrisburg area he was more than generous in his time and contributions, not only to KIDA, but to a lot of different music and judging organizations from Chief Judge to Executive Director. In 2013, Chuck passed away, but his spirit and his tireless work are still felt to this day.

Chuck was known for his fairness, generosity and honor – all attributes that we want connected to our Sportsmanship Award, and we at KIDA are honored and proud to name this award after Mr. Chuck Saia.

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