The Keystone Indoor Drill Association provides a unique performing and educational venue for your unit, students, and fans. Below are a few ways that KIDA is distinctly a unique experience for your program.


Experience Based Classification System

Diverse classification system ensures each unit is placed in a classification that allows them grow and find success

Double Paneled Championships

Since 2013, every caption at the KIDA Championships is judged by two judges, ensuring the highest possible quality of championships.

Active Unit Support Network

The Administrators and Board of Directors of KIDA are here to help your unit succeed. From the highly successful design consultation “coupon” offer to handling your questions, it is the goal of KIDA to ensure that each unit has a successful experience throughout the season.

KIDA Championships is Free to Members

If you have paid your KIDA dues and have participated in the required number of KIDA shows, your unit can participate in KIDA Championships for free without any additional fees or dues.

Try KIDA For Free

Any unit is allowed to try one KIDA show a season for free, without having to pay KIDA dues.



You can join KIDA by contact any member of the KIDA Board of Directors or any KIDA Administrator. If you have any questions about KIDA, please do not hesitate to ask. Our Board of Directors and Administrators are available to assist your and your unit any time you need help. If you would like to learn more about KIDA, we recommend you attend the KIDA Fall Meeting (Late November – visit www.kida.org for the specific date, time and location).

Still not sure if KIDA is right for your unit? Feel free to attend a show and experience the KIDA for yourself or talk to those units who are already KIDA members.

Contact KIDA to Learn More