KIDA Announces Launch of New Logo!

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Greetings KIDA Members, Directors, Fans and Supporters!

Since our founding in 1981, the Keystone Indoor Drill Association has a proud tradition of representing the best of the performing arts for color guard, percussion, and majorettes. Over the years, elements and divisions have been added to the association, including dance and the new wind ensembles. But our mission to provide an environment that fosters growth through the performance of the marching arts has always prevailed.

Over the summer and fall of 2016, the KIDA Board of Directors and Administration set forth to create a new strategic plan that would provide for the long-term growth and sustainability of the organization, while refining our mission, vision, and core values. Throughout the 2017 Season, we will continue to roll out our vision for the association. I hope that you will join us on this journey, in a quest to make KIDA a stronger and more inclusive home for all performers, educators, families, and supporters.

With that, on behalf of KIDA, I am proud to present the first element of this new strategic plan, the new Keystone Indoor Drill Association logo.

KIDA_MASTERBRAND_RGBThis new logo has been a tireless effort to embrace  all elements of the KIDA community while celebrating the past traditions that have made our association great. The “Dancer” is still key element of KIDA, representing the performer, the individual who strives to engage and connect with their audience. To update the “Dancer”, we have added and refined elements that represent all facets of the KIDA community and competitive divisions.

The three connecting circles represent both the various divisions of KIDA that come together to make our association special, as well as the three major audiences that are a part of the KIDA Family (Performers, Educators, and Supporters). These three groups all represent a key component to the overall educational mission of the association. With the continued support of our performers, educators, and supporters (fans and parents), we can ensure the continued growth of the association, and the values we hold dear.

Our mission will not be completed overnight. In fact, this course that we have set will not be completed during our time with this organization. But it sets a vision that others can embrace as their own and carry forth for the betterment of all those who are embraced, empowered, and encouraged within our circuit.









So join us in celebrating our new logo, new mission, and continued efforts to provide the best possible educational environment for all.

Thank you,

Craig Kazda
President – Keystone Indoor Drill Association

Author: ckazda

Craig Kazda has been a part of the Keystone Indoor Drill Association since his performing days with Biglerville High School in 2000. Since graduating, Craig has taught at various programs, including Biglerville HS, Lebanon HS, Daniel Boone HS, Hershey HS, and Conestoga Valley HS. For KIDA, Craig has serviced as the Interactive Communications Director since 2009 as well has serving as Secretary of the KIDA Board of Directors.