KIDA Competitive Roster

Please Complete One Roster for Each Competing Group. All runners should be included in your roster.
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    Competitive Roster

    Please complete all the information for your competitive roster. If you have any questions, please contact the KIDA business manager at

    Media Disclosure

    Throughout the course of the season, KIDA will photograph of its member units for use in promotional materials, including but not limited to the website, program, and championship DVD. It is assumed that each unit director has discussed this information with their unit and provided an opportunity to opt out of use on promotional materials

    Administrative Disclosure

    KIDA reserves the right to contact your school admistration or unit director during the course of the KIDA season to perform a random audit of your membership roster. Please make sure that your administration understands that KIDA may potentially contact them to confirm the names on this list.

    Independent Units must also have their competitive roster available while participating at all KIDA shows for verification.

    Mentor Program

    In an effort to build further fellowship among the units within our association, we are currently actively seeking individuals who would be interested in participating in a mentor program with other units.

    Confirmation & Agreement

    Please carefully review the information on the previous page before you submit to verify that what you have entered is correct.

    This form serves as a contract entered into and executed pursuant to the KIDA By-laws. This contract is subject to all applicable provision of the KIDA Constitution and By-laws, and understands that the same applies to the contest designated in this contract.

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