A Great Fundraiser for Your Program

Interested in hosting a KIDA Contest? Hosting a Keystone Indoor Drill Association show is a wonderful way to be a part of the KIDA season, raise money for your school and program, and help us spread the principles of good sportsmanship, fairness in all aspects, and professionalism.

A Great Fundraiser for Your Program

Hosting a KIDA Competition is the perfect way to raise money for your indoor and music programs. From ticket sales, concessions, grams, and other revenue sources, hosting a KIDA show can help add valuable dollars to your budget each year. Each regular season show brings approximately 25-40 units (approximately 15-20 performers per guard ensemble, 20-30 performers per percussion ensemble) and countless parents, staff members, and fans to cheer on our units. That turns into plenty of hot dogs and sodas of the course of your competition day.

Welcome KIDA Into Your Home

There is nothing greater than hosting KIDA into your school or facility. The KIDA spirit of friendly competition and fair sportsmanship can be felt at every KIDA show. Hosting a KIDA show is a great opportunity for your students and parent organizations to be a important part of the KIDA Season.

How to Sign Up

Signing up to host a KIDA show is easy! Simple download the document below and provide it to the KIDA Business Manager. Working with the entire KIDA team, the Business Manager will find the weekend that best suits your show as well as the needs of the association. Each season, there are approximately 16 regular season shows, so spots do fill up quickly. SIGN UP TODAY!

Show Sponsor Contract  Show Host Guidelines