Criteria for Membership

The KIDA Hall of Fame was established in 1997 as a vehicle to recognize the many individuals who have devoted outstanding service towards the growth of the indoor activity. These individuals may come from all aspects of the activity including instructors, band directors, judges, parents or concerned individuals. Consideration should be given to anyone who has had monumental impact on the association or the units they represent. Listed below is the process for nominating and selecting the candidates for this award.

Procedure for Nomination

  1. An application should be submitted to the Vice-President of KIDA or online by March 1st of each competitive season. Applications received after this date will be held until the next season.
  2. Each school may nominate one person per year for consideration. This person may be nominated from any of the three areas:
    1. Currently active with the association or a membership unit
    2. A non-active individual who’s past actions are deserving of recognition
    3. An individual who should be considered for a posthumous award
  3. The KIDA Business Manager and the KIDA Judging Coordinator may each submit one name for nomination.
  4. If no applications are received, it will be the responsibility of the selection committee to research and select deserving individuals within the association.
  5. There shall be no more than three (3) inductees per season.
  6. All questions and applications concerning this award should be directed to the Vice President of KIDA.

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