KIDA I&E Ruling (as of the 2016 Season):

13.11     Each individual/ensemble, competing in I&E, will pay a nonrefundable $20 fee due the date of I&E registration; even if the performer(s) withdraw(s) from the I&E competition.

Download KIDA I&E Registration Form

Rules and Guidelines

  1. Solo and ensemble is intended for members of active, participating units of the KIDA’s current competitive season. This provides an opportunity for members of the association to highlight their talents. Performances are to be performer driven and not written / designed by performers’ instruction staff.
  2. Performers must compete within the same division that they perform with their competitive unit.
  3. Entry forms for Solo & Ensemble must be signed by the performers’ unit instructor. The Solo & Ensemble entry form will not be accepted by the contest coordinator unless signed by the unit’s instructor. All contact must be completed for the form to be accepted.
  4. On the day of performance, an instructor from the performers unit must register/check-in with the performer. Performers will not be permitted entrance without a unit representative. Only the performer and the unit representative will be permitted access from the performers’ registration area. All other spectators and guests must pay entry into the event.
  5. Categories for Individual & small ensemble performers:
    1. Categories of Individual Competition
      Scholastic Percussion
      Independent Percussion
      Middle School Scholastic Color Guard
      Junior Independent Color Guard
      Scholastic (HS) Color Guard
      Independent Color Guard
      Middle School Scholastic Majorette

      Junior Independent Majorette
      Scholastic (HS) Majorette

      Independent Majorette
    2. Categories for Ensemble Competition
      Scholastic Percussion Small Ensemble
      Independent Percussion Ensemble
      Middle School Scholastic Color Guard Small Ensemble
      Junior Independent Color Guard Small Ensemble
      Scholastic (HS) Color Guard Small Ensemble
      Independent Color Guard Small Ensemble
      Middle School Scholastic Majorette Small Ensemble
      Junior Independent Majorette Small Ensemble

      Scholastic (HS) Majorette Small Ensemble
      Independent Majorette Small Ensemble

  6. The time limits for all categories will be 1:30 to 2:30 minutes and a 1.0 penalty will be assessed if over or under time
  7. Small ensembles may not consist of more than 5 members
  8. All performers must arrive a minimum of 1 hour prior to the assigned performance time.
  9. Performers are responsible for reporting to staging area in a timely fashion. Warm-up area will be provided, and will be a communal warm-up area. Please be courteous of other performers utilizing the warm-up space.
  10. All registration forms must be returned to the KIDA Contest Coordinator by said date on form. Registration forms can be found on the KIDA website.
  11. Only the top 3 placements in each category will be announced at the conclusion of the event.

Download KIDA I&E Registration Form

Form and payment should be sent to:

Debbi Adams
KIDA Contest Coordinator
55 Ashton Dr
Etters, PA 17319