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To encourage the continued growth of KIDA and our member units, Keystone Indoor Drill Association will present one $500.00 scholarship each season to a member unit who has decided to participate in a WGI Regional contest for the first time in five years. The unit selected will be determined based on the review of an application submitted to KIDA. This application will be due on December 15 and the scholarship will be awarded by January 1.

The scholarship will be in the amount of WGI membership plus registration fees of 1 single-day WGI Regional contest, not to exceed $500. The scholarship will not cover any additional fees or costs associated with participating in a WGI Regional Contest. The scholarship will be paid to the unit after their successful participation in the WGI Regional contest.

All units participating in a WGI Regional for the first time in 5 seasons are encouraged to apply for this scholarship. A committee chaired by a member of the current Executive Committee will be responsible for distributing and reviewing all scholarship applications.

PLEASE RETURN TO THE KIDA MEMBERSHIP DIRECTOR (mailing address can be located on the KIDA website – www.kida.org and click “Contact”)

APPLICATIONS MUST BE RECEIVED BY DECEMBER 15.  Recipient will be announced Jan. 1

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