Updated KIDA Rules & Bylaws Released

New Rules and Bylaws Announced – Amoung New Rules, Independents Allowed to Complete for the First Time in KIDA History

In April 2012, the membership of KIDA came together to discuss and vote on the new rules for the upcoming 2013 KIDA Season. At that meeting, several proposals submitted by the membership, which were reviewed and voted upon by the member units of KIDA who were present. These new rules will begin to take effect at the start of the 2013 KIDA Season. These new rules include:

For the first time in KIDA History, Independent units in all disciplines will be allowed to complete starting in 2013. This is an exciting change that allow for additional units to enter the association. If you are an independent unit and are interested in KIDA, download the KIDA Independent Welcome Guide.

Starting at the 2013 KIDA Championships, there will be 2 judges for every caption. This will continue to ensure that your championship experience is the highest quality possible.

The dues structure for KIDA members has changed, effective for the 2013 season. All previous dues and fees are combined into a single due, helping streamline the process for units. It is important to note that while there is an increase in dues for 2013, your membership dues include all fees incured throughout the season, including your KIDA Championship Experience.

The penality for pulling out of a KIDA show will be stricter for the 2013 KIDA season. This has been altered to help protect the hosts who put countless hours of work into planning a successful KIDA show.

To view all of the changes, download the new KIDA Rules & Bylaws below: