WGI Color Guard Results

WGI Color Guard Results

KIDA Units Represent at WGI World Championships

4 Color Guard Units represented the KIDA circuit at this year’s WGI World Championships.

In the Scholastic World competition, Mechanicsburg HS (Mechanicsburg, PA) once again became the Fan’s Favorite with their production “Mirror, Mirror”.   The guard moved up a placement between semifinals and finals competition, finishing 7th overall in Scholastic World.    They were the first guard of the night to receive a standing ovation from the crowd.  This is the 2nd year in a row being voted the “Fan’s Favorite” by the spectators.

SW Finals – 7th place – 90.60
SW Semi-Finals – 8th place – 89.50
SW Prelims – 7th place – 87.80

In the Scholastic A division, Cumberland Valley HS (Mechanicsburg, PA) secured a place in A class finals with their show “Love Spell”.   Cumberland Valley continued to climb the ranks from prelims until finals, moving from 20th to 17th to 14th based on scores.   A 10 point penalty pushed them to 24th in finals.

SA Finals – 24th after penalty – 75.655
SA Semi-Finals – 17th overall – 88.40
SA Prelims – 2nd in Round – 87.84



Also performing at the WGI World Championships in the Scholastic A division, West Shore School District, advanced to semi-finals narrowly missing the cutoff for finals.  West Shore finished their season on Friday at the Xavier University Cintas Center with their production “Memories in Grey”.   They finished the season 27th overall out of 120 groups in Scholastic A.

SA Semifinals – 22nd Overall – 87.41
SA Prelims – 2nd in Round – 85.51



In the Independent A division, Towson University had their strongest performance to date with their show entitled “Bound by Time”.   The Towson University Winter Guard finished in 43rd place in the Independent A division, with the top 36 advancing to semifinals


IA Prelims – 6th in Round – 78.29