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Do I have to be a member to compete?

No, you can attend 1 KIDA show during the competitive season without being a member in either a judged exhibition or competition. All units wishing to participate in more than one show do need to become a member. If your school or organization has multiple units, then each individual unit that is participating must be a registered member.

When and How do I register for shows?

Show registration begins on December 1. No one can register for shows prior to this date.
You will need to complete the online show registration form, which will be available starting on December 1. If you are the director for multiple units, you will need to complete this form for each unit. This information will be passed directly to the unit directors and KIDA and will allow the association to better assist both show hosts and member units throughout the season.

Do I have to register on December 1?

No, you can register for a show anytime between December 1 and the actual entry deadline for each contest. The main thing you want to remember is that the contest order is arranged by submission date, so the later your date, the earlier you will compete in your class. You also run the risk of the show you want to attend being full.

When is payment required?

All fees are due by Jan 20th. After that late fees are assessed. Financial obligation forms are available on the KIDA website. Your unit will not be permitted to compete until outstanding balances have been satisfied. Bylaw 2.1 will give you specific info on what your financial obligations will be.

What other paperwork must be provided?

MEMBER ROSTER / SCHOLASTIC ELIGIBILITY FORM  –  This form is to certify scholastic eligibility for students participating in KIDA events. All members of color guard, percussion, majorette or dance units competing in any scholastic class must be approved for participation by the principal of their school. Each unit shall submit a membership form (available on the website) listing all approved participants of that school’s unit which must be signed by the principal or administrator of the school.
Independent units will be asked to complete & submit a member roster signed by their director.

How do I decide what class to compete in?

There is a description of each class on the KIDA website, in the bylaws, section 14. Our lead percussion & color guard caption heads along with the percussion & color guard reps will carefully evaluate each unit & place them where they are most suited. They will help to determine where your unit will be most competitive. They will consider the average age of your students/members, how many hours you have for rehearsal each week, the experience and the talent level of those who will be creating and teaching your unit.
We have classifications that are designed for the very beginning or very young students all the way up with a progression of classifications. Your group will be placed where they will be challenged, where they can complete & where they can grow.
Learn More About Classifications

How long does my show need to be?

This varies depending on what classification your unit competes in. Please refer to graph under KIDA Rule 5, this lists the minimum time your show needs to be as well as the maximum time you have to get your unit on/off the performance floor, as well other timing rules you will need to know.

What is required to compete at championships?

Depending on the classification you compete in, participation in 3 or 4 shows is required by KIDA members to attend Championships, please check the KIDA Bylaws 3.4 for what is required for your division.
If your unit competes in a WGI Regional event throughout the season you can substitute this show for a KIDA show and have it count towards Championships, please refer to KIDA bylaw 3.4.1 for specific requirements to take advantage of this.
There are NO additional fees to compete in championships.

What if I cannot compete in a show I registered for?

If you register your unit for a KIDA Competition and find that your group is unable to attend please contact the show sponsor as soon as possible. If it is four weeks or less before the competition date you may be subject to having your bond pulled or additional fees. Please refer to Bylaw 10.7 for additional info.

Will I receive any mailings about competitions?

Each show sponsor is required to contact the participants with all information regarding their show and all contest info, site maps, and other necessary info. This info will be made available to the units no less than 2 weeks prior to the date of the show by email from the show sponsor. If the show sponsor provides their info to KIDA we will post it online on the KIDA website. If you have specific questions prior to the release of info by the show sponsor please contact them directly, if they are unable to help you we encourage you to contact the KIDA Business Manager.

How do I get my staff into a show?

Each unit will be given a maximum of 10 passes by the show sponsor at each KIDA show they participate in. These passes are for your staff and any handlers/parents traveling with your unit. Each show sponsor will regulate these “passes” as they seem fit (eg, wrist band, stamp, etc).

Have an additional question?

Contact info for the members of the KIDA Executive Board is available on the KIDA website, feel free to contact any of us with any questions or problems you may have. Depending on your question you may want to start with contacting your guard or percussion representative and the business manager. If they cannot answer your question they will forward your question on to the appropriate person.

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